Remove Your Tattoo!

We use a new product to the market that is safe, effective, and cheaper than other methods.

Tattoo Removal

Non-laser Tattoo Removal

30% of people who have tattoos applied, have it removed at some point in the life! Historically, the most common method of having tattoos removed is by laser. But just recently, we have a new product on the market that allows us to use a chemical-mechanical method 123-TATTOO-FREE® Non-laser Tattoo Removal which is more effective, much less expensive and less likely to cause scarring.

Opting for Tattoo Removal regardless of the method, is a huge decision to make. It's either live with the tattoo, or live with some scarring as a permanent reminder.

Tattoo removal isn't as easy as getting a tattoo, and it is definitely more of a process, requiring multiple visits to the office. Laser removal usually requires about 10-12 visits! With the 1-2-3- Tattoo chemical-mechanical abrasion technique, the tattoo can be removed in 2-3 sessions. Treatments are scheduled 6 weeks apart in order to allow for skin healing between sessions. Each treatment session takes about 45-60 minutes which includes time to cleanse the skin and apply anesthetic cream.

Before opting for tattoo removal, make sure you do not tend to get Keloid scars - these are rapidly thickening raised scars that tend to keep growing over time.

No matter what technique is used to remove a tattoo, the skin will require 6-12 months to return to normal.

The Advantages of Using 123-TATTOO-FREE®

123-TATTOO-FREE® Removes the Tattoo in 1-3 sessions, utilizing a mild exfoliating formula combined with our unique but virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process. There is NO other method that actually removes the ink from the skin other than 123-TATTOO-FREE®

All other methods depend on the body to absorb or carry the unwanted ink into other parts of the body creating possible allergic reactions.


No other removal system has the potential to remove a tattoo regardless of color, in 1 session, and at the most 3 sessions. Hence the 1 or 2 or 3 sessions with minimal or no scarring, and returning to normal in 3 – 6 months

Can all color inks be removed from my tattoo?

Yes, indeed! Our formula sees ink not color, whereas lasers see only black and very dark colors.

Will my tattoo be completely gone after my 1st treatment?

Maybe… But this is dependent on how deep the tattoo has been implanted into the skin, but it should be completely removed in 3 sessions.

Will I see a change in my tattoo after the 1st treatment?

Absolutely! Probably 75% to 90% will be removed in the 1st treatment.

How soon can I have my 2nd treatment?

6 weeks from date of 1st treatment, which allows us to fully assess the remaining ink.

Can I remove just part of my tattoo?

Yes, of course! We can focus on a specific section of your tattoo and move on to other areas if needed.

Will I have a scar after my tattoo is removed?

When the scabbing has completely fallen off you will have a red recess, or slightly raised at the edges. This is NOT scarring – it will heal.

Of course, it is imperative that you follow aftercare instructions carefully, and by applying a scar repair cream/gel as instructed, your healing to normal skin will happen so much faster.

Does the tattoo removal process hurt?

No, it shouldn’t. We topically anesthetize your skin before the procedure. However, some people may remain sensitive. If you managed the tattoo, you’ll manage removal.

Can 123 TATTOO FREE remove permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is applied very shallow into the skin, and yes, can be removed with our formula.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

10% discount for cash payment.

Tattoo Removal
(per 30 minutes)
$ 95

If the cost of your procedure includes a touch-up, please make sure it is scheduled 10-12 weeks after the initial procedure.*

*Failure to have your touch-up done within the specified period of time will result in additional costs.

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