Implanting pigment into the lips can create the illusion of larger, differently shaped, or more symmetrical lips.


This procedure can help re-define the lips to some extent. When properly done, implanting pigment into the lips can create the illusion of larger, differently shaped, or more symmetrical lips. Permanent Lip Liner will define the lips with a contrasting pigment color. A Lip Shaper™ procedure utilizes color theory to define the shape of the lip with its natural color. A Permanent Full Lip procedure will change the color of the entire lip. There are many, many different colors of pigments from which to chose when undergoing a Permanent Full Lip procedure. A soft pink, similar to the lip color of a newborn baby, is popular for clients wanting a natural look. A more dramatic color can be achieved if desired.

A prescription strength topical anesthetic is applied to the lips and it takes about 20-30 minutes for them to become desensitized. The Permanent Full Lip procedure takes about 2 1⁄2 hours. A follow-up procedure is required for best results (included in the price of your procedure).

The Permanent Full Lip color procedure is designed to restore shape and definition to the natural lip line. and the entire lip area. The procedure outlines the natural lip line and does not involve placing pigment into the facial skin to make the lips appear larger. As we age, we tend to lose definition and color in our lips, so the lips appear thinner and more pale. Permanent Full Lip color procedures can restore the shape to the lips and make them more defined, perhaps even look fuller. Numerous colors of pigments are available. A contrasting pigment can be used if you have good pink lip color, or a color that matches your natural lip color can be used.
Permanent Full lip procedures are recommended for clients who have obvious asymmetrical lips, or lips that are pale or have “disappeared”. Many clients opt for a more natural permanent lip color so that lipstick can be applied on top of it when desired. Numerous colors are available.

This procedure ensures you have beautiful, shapely, luscious lips every moment of every day.

Note: Because health issues may affect the outcome of the permanent cosmetic procedure(s), a Health Questionnaire and Consent are required by the Santa Clara County Health Department as well as the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. In order to save time at the salon, it is recommended that the Health Questionnaire be completed prior to your visit. The Procedure Consent form will be signed in the salon at the time of the procedure. Health issues will be discussed prior to the procedure.

Before and After

Lip Procedure Pricing

10% discount for cash payment.

Full Lip Color
(includes a touch-up)
$ 550
Lip Color Refresher
$ 300

If the cost of your procedure includes a touch-up, please make sure it is scheduled 10-12 weeks after the initial procedure.*

*Failure to have your touch-up done within the specified period of time will result in additional costs.

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